Youtube has alot of great channels for kids, albeit you must be aware of the commercials. Thankfully, not all channels use Youtube commercials. I allow my son to watch with or without the commercials because I can count on him to hit the "Skip Ad" button (I'm not saying all children will do this, but I observed that he does). He finds that fun, making this work well for us. But I really don't allow him to watch unless I'm in earshot so that I know what he is being presented with. You, as the parent will have to decide what works best for you and your child, but this has been working well for us so far. As I was saying, there are some channels that kindly don't include any commercials at all, and for that I am grateful!

In these present blogs, I want to share with you shows that my little one and I have loved for awhile now! In my sharing them, they may or may not include commercials.  None-the-less, I wanted to present the show itself to you, because you may be really glad that I did!

One of our absolute favorites is "Eddy and the Bear". Eddy is a little 5-year-old boy with a great imagination, enjoying school, playing at home, watching his favorite (or "favourite" --- laugh out loud) program on TV, or --- the most unrealistic part, but totally cute --- playing with his friend "Bear" who lives in the woods. Bear and Eddy always have cute dialog as they are trying to work out life's concerns through the eyes of a 5-year-old. The "logic" is often adorable! While my son is enjoying the colorful cartoon with their English accents and fun adventures, my husband and I are chuckling over the little clever comments in the dialog. It's been a real part of my son's first years, and I have no regrets.

We originally had "Eddy and the Bear" on DVD in the early days of our enjoying this cartoon, but since then, I have found it on Youtube. Here is an "Eddy and the Bear" cartoon that I found for you. From there, I'm sure you will be able to find more (I usually just Google "Eddy and the Bear playlist"). I know you will enjoy it if you have small children!



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