My husband has light brown skin and mine is white. I knew we would have beautiful babies if God blessed us to have any. Thankfully, we do have a son so far, and he is very cute! It's fun to see the observations our son makes. He gains his view of life from everything he observes. When he watches sports or something active, he shouts towards the TV, "Go, go, go!", just like Daddy does; when he greets people, he exclaims a pleasant, "Hi!" in a tone that I think sounds like mine. And when he plays, he imitates the life he observes: He loves to demonstrate the theme of Daddy, Mommy, and baby. One day, I realized that the two stuffed animals that he has come to adore (much like "Linus" of the "Peanuts" likes his blanket), were representing our family to him.

He has a sheep that is holding a lamb (they are attached to each other). It's white. He calls this "Lamb" and he also expresses to me that it's "Mommy" and "Baby". The other toy that he loves is a snugly light brown teddy bear which he calls "Teddy Bear" as well as expressing that it is "Daddy". One time, he expressed that he was "Daddy" (again, wanting to be like Daddy).

Your children really look up to you. They are sponges, learning from everything you put in front of them -- good or bad! Don't let it scare you, but they want to be just like you during their early years. If you are painting, they want to try it. If you are eating, they may want a taste of whatever it is. If you are a hunter, guess who wants to wear camouflage too? If you use bad words...you'll realize it by tomorrow!

This needs to be an inspiration to us! What kind of temperament are we going to display to our children? What kind of food and health habits?
What kind of morals? What theology? What world view?

Thoughts like this should cause us to desire to be more considerate of the things that we believe and understand, because as parents, we are no longer concerned for only ourselves. The little ones in our home are looking up to us for understanding and guidance, from the smallest to the biggest things. Our little ones trust us.

My greatest advice in preparing for that kind of responsibility, is to read the Holy Bible. In there, you can find life's answers -- for yourself and for your children. In there, you can discover God's love. And in experiencing parenthood, while reading the Bible and praying to understand, you may find yourself more amazed than ever when you realize that God gave up His only begotten Son as a sacrifice to gain adopted children (that may be you!).

Got children? It's a noble work worth handling with care. They are looking up to you.

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