I was up and ready for my customers... not because I was eager to please them, but because I couldn't sleep. Okay, so I was up --- I felt it was a good time to do some reading, thinking, possibly writing... and drink coffee, a little facebook, you know --- but wait! Not too much of that facebook stuff or this "Bed and Breakfast" is going to get "2 stars" --- no, maybe "1" --- or perhaps a foreclosed sign! Well, at least I'll have to give myself that score because my two main "customers" rarely complain. They are very kind and compassionate, and would never tell on me that I didn't do the dishes or that the floor needs mopping.

So, after the people sleeping in the establishment arose this morning, there was coffee waiting for one, and a diaper for the other (when I finally got around to it). I managed to get good food to them, and send one off on his way to work with more food packed for his dinner. The other is two-years-old, so he will be sticking around to receive attention all day --- I'm happy to care for him!

But I look around and this place is a mess! I do have a lot to catch up on in the kitchen, gotta make the bed, mop the floor, pick up the messes of a room or two, before more guests come! That's right! There's a play date in a couple of hours here! No matter. I'm happy and excited for the chance to practice more hospitality --- more of making sure people are happy and comfortable here! So, I best get to work, because I'm not ready for them yet! If they show up early, I will entertain them whether I'm ready or not! All they need is a good caring conversation and something to drink (and maybe eat). They won't mind if the house is dirty...but still, I must do my best to make it better than it is.

Later, after the visit, they will go home again, and I will want to be ready for my favorite guest! He will return home from work, and I hope he will find me in a clean, nice-smelling home with a smile on my face!

I know, you are thinking, "What in the WORLD is she talking about?"

It's simple, really, I have my husband and my son whom I can serve everyday (cheerfully is the aim) and I have my friends who come to visit along with their children who come to play with my son (again, cheerful serving is the aim). I am so appreciative for family and friends and the fact that I'm home alot. Meanwhile, I have often dreamed of owning a Bed and Breakfast someday. Technically, I don't own one. But I can have fun making my home to be a Bed and Breakfast, in my own way.

Hospitality and the art of homemaking, is caring, creativity, work, and don't forget --- not making a big deal about little inconveniences, but serving with a smile. That's the kind of home I want my husband and son and family and friends to experience when they come over -- warm and like a B & B.

Serve your family with a smile! I hope this encouraged someone today (I had fun writing it)!

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01/21/2015 10:44pm

So sweet! Love your analogy!


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