When you become a mom, you just know one thing: you are pregnant. You don't know a gender (nor do you know how many), you don't know a name, you don't know what his or her personality will be like --- you don't know anything. And it's O-K!

Let me tell you, the world and role of Mom can be so fun!

The other day, I was brushing my teeth with my two old standing nearby "brushing" his. As I rinsed and spit into the sink, my little guy bursted with laughter! Oh, I guess that was funny. It's so great to have a little one around who sees everything with new eyes and has his own sense of humor, not to mention classic toddler humor and giggles!
When I was pregnant with him, I wondered what the future would be like, but I couldn't see all the little moments that were coming that only God knew about. I could only look forward to them and let the story play out.

I didn't know I would find him sleeping with a peanut butter face on a regular bases.

Nor did I foresee the time I would walk into his bedroom and find him sleeping sitting up!

(Kinda creepy...)

I didn't know how fun it was going to be to watch his little personality develop.

I didn't know what it was actually like to be an actual Mom, and I now know it's AMAZING!!!

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01/21/2015 10:11am

Sleeping sitting up oh my my. That is adorable!


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