I am happy to announce that the "Mom's Share Page" is finally starting to receive stories --- stories and thoughts from real and down-to-earth moms that want to be a part of encouraging other mothers! I'm thrilled that you can read about mothers other than myself on this site so that you can get the kind of encouragement that you need here --- I know I cannot do it alone.

Four moms have sent me their stories so far. Two have been published this week, and two more will be published next week. You can send me your story too! Please write an interesting, well-written story of your motherhood experience, or a point-of-view that you learned from becoming a mother. Please note that I reserve the right to choose which articles will be published
. But don't let that discourage you! I do wish to consider your input! Grandmas are moms too, so please: All ages of writers welcome!

So, without further ado,
let me also present to you Sharon, and her struggles as a new mom to give her child....

Then, let me also present Susie and the story of her reading a pregnancy test and...

I hope you enjoy reading their work as much as I did!



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