Okay, I don't know how to spell it, but my two-year-old just tried to "Scadoo" into his box of books!

For those of you about 20-years-old and younger (or people like me who have younger siblings that would be 20 or younger about now), you would remember "Blues Clues". What a great kids show! Great songs and engagement with the children to really make a fun show! They learn, look forward to certain common occurrences (such as "mail time" and other fun moments) and enjoy along with "Steve" (or "Joe" in the later episodes) how to figure out a mystery based on three simple clues throughout each show. It was seriously a genius program for kids!

When I have told people that my son loves watching it, I get the idea that it's not on regular TV anymore (correct me if I'm wrong). However, we watch it daily and even choose which episode we want to watch because someone uploaded LOTS of reruns on the internet! As a free mommy (and daddy) resource, I have provided a "Blues Clues" button at the bottom of the Mom's Share Page that you too will find extremely handy for your toddler's daily entertainment.

Enjoy the show!



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