Let’s talk diapers again --- this time, the cloth ones.

While a vast number of mama’s are using disposable diapers these days, there are still quite a lot that choose to use cloth diapers, even to the point of there being several companies that are offering this option.

I’m actually a little surprised on one hand, but then again not surprised on the other. I guess the fact that many (especially Americans) like convenience makes me think that cloth diapers would be obsolete. I also am aware that many moms have to work outside the home, so it would seem that this option would not work for them since it requires a lot of extra laundry and time to deal with them. However, when I think of how many people these days are into natural things --- recycling, baby wearing and the fact that there are still many stay-at-home moms, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that cloth diapers are still used by many!

In fact, these days, I believe, are better cloth diapering days than when our moms and grandmas were diapering us. This is good news! Gone are the days of diaper pins, for example! No more accidently sticking the baby (or mama’s finger) with the pin while trying to get that diaper on! Say “Hello” to snaps! Manufacturers have, by now, come up with some better thought-out systems of diapers with snaps, covers that are much more comfortable than the past, and zipper-up dirty diaper bags for when you are out-and-about. Yes, necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

But what companies are the best?

Since I am not a cloth diaper mama this time around, I asked others to share. Let’s hear from Rachel:

“So far I have used Bum genius one size pocket diaper.  “Bum Genius All-in-ones” (which I love cause my baby is an extremely heavy wetter and [this product ] absorbs very well but is bulky)…[I also use] a cheap China brand called “Abba Baby” (which I really like for way less price but I'm not a fan of their particular inserts so I'd order inserts from elsewhere like amazon.com preferably bamboo material).

…I also have used my mom’s that she has made too!

…it's a matter of preference, but I'd buy several types of various kinds just to see which cloth diaper you'd prefer before ordering a whole bulk of diapers you may not like and to make sure you like cloth diapering. If you do like it it's a good idea to have a stash of at least 30-35 diapers so you're not doing laundry everyday but rather every other day or so.”

Thank you, Rachel! I think that helps a lot!

I especially like Rachel’s advice that once you really feel comfortable with the particular choice of cloth diaper that you have made, you do well to stash 30 to 35 diapers. This way, you should be able to do laundry every other day or so. That seems like a good plan, so I just thought I’d reiterate that idea.

Now let’s see what my friend Rebeckah has to share:

“I have cloth diapered all of my kids and my favorite is the pre-folds and covers. We use Green Mountain Diaper Pre-folds and Thirsties Covers. This time I am going for wool covers. I am going for more natural fibers. I plan on using the Babee Green Wool Covers which I found locally for $19.95/cover. Online they are more expensive. I have used Bum Genius and a variety of All-in-Ones and Pocket Diapers. The cheapest is the Pre-folds and surprisingly I like them the best!”

Also, very helpful! Thanks Rebeckah!

Last-but-not least, Heather also contributed helpful information to this topic:

“For a cheap option … Sunbaby Diapers. I have been pretty happy with them. They are a pocket style diaper and I use microfiber inserts. The best part is they are $5.00 a piece.”

Thank you so much, Heather!

Wow! You moms are great! Thanks for making this blog possible so that other moms can have a little knowledge and direction on the topic of cloth diapers. Maybe I will try cloth diapers next time, if God blesses me with another baby!

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11/15/2014 7:01am

We have been using Sunbaby diapers for 4 years now and I love them. They are $5 a piece but I think you have to buy them in groups of 12...but that price includes shipping! So 12 diapers for $60 total! I was worried because the price was soooo much cheaper than other diapers out there, but they have held up now through a second baby using them! Can't recommend these enough!


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