PictureAnother great day to play! Just hanging out in my toy box!
It's another day, and I want to accomplish this and that, meanwhile feeling a little tired, and oh yes, the inevitable: a little snappy. Well, I have a two-year-old. I love him to pieces! But now I'm at the point in motherhood where my patience can run thin, and I must take a breath and think before flipping out. I mean, didn't I just say "such and such" one minute ago? He already appears to have forgotten.

One thing I have learned: it is that when I'm stressed, it must be evaluated. If I'm short with my child, it might be because he is not listening and obeying, or it might be because I'm not being patient. Maybe it's both. So before I react, may the Lord remind me to stop and think and do the right thing for my son. If the matter calls for patient, consistent, loving discipline, I must do that. And if it calls for stopping what I'm doing to see if he just needs some playtime with me, I must do that.

As moms, we have a lot on our plate. There is housework to do, and many of us work from home in a home business, etc. How do we juggle our work and the care of our children at the same time? (Also many of us work outside the home, as I also do, so I will blog about that sometime too.) For me, it's important to remember that I am working in order to better care for my family, but that work should never replace my family. The work I do is meant to bless them, not come between them and me...therefore, the family must come first in the needs that pop up throughout the day. (Like "Mommy, I'm thirsty" is first, for example).

Having said that, though, we moms need to know that it's OKAY to give your child some time apart from you in his room to play and read books. It's very healthy for his imagination and mind development (time to invent his own games, etc.). If you work at home or from home, you will do well to keep an eye on the clock and take a break from time to time in order to stop and read a book to your child(ren), or simply to play a game for 10 or 15 minutes now and again. This aids in you having a fun and good day together, all-the-while teaching your child to respect when you have work that must be done.

Children have an ability to have a lot of fun in a simple way. They don't have such pressing agendas as we adults do. They are ever playing and learning. Encourage that ability in your child.



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