Thanksgiving Night
Thanksgiving was fun, and the food was good, but I couldn’t possibly eat all those pie choices in one sitting!!! I managed the cheesecake and the key lime pie, but I don’t remember if I had the pumpkin. I definitely don’t remember eating that beautiful artistic-looking apple pie!

Does the celebration have to end? I summit that it does not! Not only from the perspective of being thankful to God continually, but as far as the joy of eating the good food that is still left in the refrigerator. So far, we have enjoyed turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and more. I continue to be thankful for such blessings.

And this morning? It was pumpkin pie for breakfast (with coffee and whipped cream of course)!

But continuing to celebrate Thanksgiving? What about the company you are supposed to share it with? Ah! Not a problem at all: My little toddler was more than happy to share the moment with me, as we delve into one dish of pie and cream together, sharing the same spoon. Whipped cream was all over his upper lip, which was cute. Together we enjoyed the moment!

So, peek in your refrigerator, and find an excuse to make happy moments with your kids this week. Pull out leftover desserts, and don’t stand there and complain about the calories; eat them with your kids and make the memories!!!

Eat pie for breakfast.



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