Just last month, I celebrated my birthday (and though I am not ashamed of my age, I won’t tell you how old I am, because I guess it’s no longer fashionable to tell).

So as I celebrated my [age unknown] birthday, I was graced with a visit from my mom and three of my sisters. It was really quite a treat, for many reasons. Among them is the fact that I now live very far from where I grew up, so that I no longer get to see my mom and siblings as often as I used to see them.

The night they arrived, Mom suggested we order pizza – her treat. This was really great, because my husband and I have had a tough year financially, so we simply don’t take such gift for granted! Well, when Mom and I went to order/pick up pizza, my sweet mother’s generosity revealed itself like crazy! We came home with two favorite pizzas: a supreme thick-crust meat pizza and a bacon chicken ranch pizza (my hubby's favorite), a calzone, wings, two large salads, garlic knots … am I missing anything? She figured we’d enjoy it tonight and then it would be there to eat for future meals! She was right! And it was fun.

Then the next afternoon, I had the privilege of sharing a part of Pennsylvania with her. I took her (from my place in the passenger seat) to a gift-shop-and-nursery that I like a lot and I thought she would like. I was right! And it was fun.

“Why don’t you choose something here as a birthday gift, Shawna?” Mom said. Mom already brought me gifts in a basket that she wrapped so beautifully, along with some money, and of course, just coming to hang out was a huge enough gift to me! I felt very blessed already, but I was happy to comply. I simply felt more blessed now.

As we wandered this lovely nursery/shop, we came across a live bee box that was IN THE STORE! (I think the bees have a tube that goes in and out of the building…it was totally cool!). All around the interesting display of live bees, were honey products. I chose an expensive lotion called “The Naked Bee” scented “Orange Blossom Honey”.

(Side note: Now when people smell it on me, the comments are interesting…for example, “Something smells like Pez candy.”)

We continued to look around and really enjoyed the place: Mom, me, my toddler son, and my three youngest sisters. Then Mom and I admired the unique natural peanut butter. “Get it,” Mom said, and she bought that for me too (it was honey roasted peanuts flavor). It wasn’t cheap, but it was delicious!

On our way home, we stopped at a store to get ingredients for suet (I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post).

Finally, we pulled up in my driveway, and Mom pulled out a jar of “Honey in the Rough” and gave it to me! Yep, she bought that too, at that special shop.

That night, Mom and my sisters watched our toddler, while my husband and I dressed up and went out to dinner. We had a good time.

And that is the story of a happy birthday this year! Thanks, everyone who made it special, especially my Mom. I love you!



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