My Dog Ate My Homework.

You probably think that’s just an excuse. Where’s the homework, the teacher wants to know? And the classic answer? "My dog ate it."

I’d like to use that one, but I’m not a student these days, nor have I ever owned a dog. But if I had one, he or she would have a regular diet of paper.

I was thinking recently about a plaque I once read on my aunt’s kitchen wall. It read something like,

“Please excuse the mess --- The kids are making memories”.

 My aunt and uncle now have grandchildren --- lots of them! They certainly know a thing or two about kids and how quickly they grow up!

It was almost two years ago that I was there, aware of the little ones going to and fro, as I looked forward to the birth of my own son. I enjoyed observing her daughter-in-laws interacting with their children. I was encouraged to think of my mommy days coming soon and wondering what that was really going to be like.

That day in my aunt’s home, she saw me reading the sign and she said, “I wish I had had that sign when my own children were little.”  She knew that time with her children and allowing them to enjoy their own home was of great value, and a sign like this was a simple reminder, peace of mind, and permission to relax a little.

Today, I am enjoying motherhood real time! My own son is a toddler, whom I love dearly. Even now as I type, he is sitting next to me in his highchair dropping a cookie on the floor to join the crackers and toys he already dropped. I try to get my work done, but everything takes longer than the days when I was single and had no child. What is my conclusion? Totally worth it!

When I vacuum, sweep, and clean the floor, the time of that cleanliness is limited before it either needs to be done again, or I say, “Hmmm…I will try to get to that soon…or sometime.”

My baby ate my housework.

I’m just sayin’.




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