Those CURLS! Those beautiful, beautiful curls! Just over a year ago, he was looking like an old man with baldness on the top of his head. As his mother, I couldn’t wait for it to grow in. But once it did, I was delighted to find that this boy has beautiful curly hair to go with his beautiful smile.

His daddy and I have completely loved that toddler hair. John told me that we should let it grow until he is two, and then give him his first hair cut. I was going to do that but…

It was becoming more apparent that his hair was getting just too long. He was starting to look like Larry of “The Three Stooges”. My baby could sport this look anyway, because my “unbiased” opinion is that he is adorable all-of-the-time, but I had to at least trim around his ears, for now, until his first actual hair cut. 

Okay, so… clip, clip. Uhhhh…. Um. Yikes! I unintentionally gave him a mullet!!!

With fear in my heart, I made him a bottle so that he’d stay still for mommy. I had to fix this mistake! John suggested that I trim it all around the back now that I clipped it so miserably short on the sides (my words; not his). I hurried upstairs where there was more light for me to see what I was doing! Eventually my sister joined me to give suggestions and moral support…

…and after a time, it started coming together! Wow! I was starting to realize that he was getting a half-way-deceit haircut…and I was relieved...

My precious little baby with the big curls, is now looking like a handsome little boy with little wisps. Before you know it, he’ll be growing a beard and I’ll be asking, “Where did the time go?”

Thanks for keeping still for mommy, Cheezit!



12/01/2013 12:12pm

Adorable before AND after! I remember my son's first real haircut. (he had wavy hair and I did trim it myself a bit) Well, hubby and father in law got a hold of him and it resulted in almost a crew cut! :o

Lisa Konklin
12/01/2013 12:20pm

I love it!!! How you described everything to his fabulous haircut!

Meghan Trees
12/02/2013 5:33pm

Good job, Shawna! It looks great! You ARE brave. I have never cut our children's hair for the first haircut. I would be so nervous to mess it up. Cheezit is so adorable!

Cheezit's Oma
12/03/2013 2:02am

I like it! He looks even more handsome! :-D

Linda Thompson
12/03/2013 12:56pm

Shawna, of course he's adorable and always will be. But I have to agree with John, should've let it grow until he turns 2yrs. But what's done is done. Those adorable curls will grow back before you know it.


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