So, the holidays are here. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been very special to me --- right along with my birthday! Maybe even to a fault, because I tend to set myself up for disappointment sometimes. I, like many of you too, I’m sure, tend to have high expectations and a great build-up to a special day that ends up being a letdown sometimes. Maybe too, I’ve had many lovely holidays so that I find myself looking for another great time the next year. But I think the biggest reason for the letdown is that we, as a society, really DO build up the holiday season like crazy. I mean, seriously: We have songs, stories, big plans and more all around a certain day or season. We really do get jazzed up about everything, and forget exactly what the holidays are all about.

I know many make a big deal about not missing the reason for the season at Christmas time, and they are correct. But today, I’d like to check my thoughts and motives over Thanksgiving day. It’s a day that we have a feast, maybe family or friends over, watch a football game, then sleep, then wake up and eat more. All of that is good and fun, but without taking the time to REALLY think of our blessings and thank God for them, we have missed the point of this special day! We are left then, with making an effort to have fun and good feelings on that day, but probably not getting to that goal so well. Why? We forgot that in stopping to be thankful and/or to set our minds to serve others, we feel happiest and most blessed!




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