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A Blessed Night Still

I nursed you in the night,

Then I nursed you yet again.

Now you’re sleeping in your bed;

But I’ve been up since who-knows-when!

But really, I don’t mind this.

No, I don’t mind one bit.

For all my life I wanted a baby,

And Baby Boy, you’re it!

Tonight I held you longer,

Just to look at you.

As you slept in my arms

Your sweetness did ensue.

There was your beautiful profile:

something of your daddy and me.

It filled my heart with

Happiness, gratitude and glee!

So, you can take my sleep again

Tomorrow if you will.

Another night of you in my arms

Is another blessed night still.


11/25/2013 10:11pm

Awesome poem! I can feel the love!!


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