How does a mom get in a little reading time?  How does a mom get time for a hobby?  Or just to sit in quiet and enjoy some coffee?  Well, the answer to that is different for each individual.  Only you know the rhythm of the household activities in your home, whereas my household may operate on a different schedule than yours.  None-the-less, it is important to have some time to do what you like to do and take it easy if you can. It doesn't mean to dislike that the children interrupt you when you are trying to do something in the morning, or to grumble that you have to make dinner already when it seems the day flew by in the evening, but it means that you find a bit of quiet somewhere in the day or night to rejuvenate, so that when the busyness hits, you are ready for the challenge!

So, on thinking on this topic, I can say that I personally am having a nice morning, being up before the crack of dawn. I was woken by my son in the wee hours, so I got him back to sleep.  Afterwords, I decided that I was fairly awake and would enjoy some time to myself. Just last evening, I really wanted to cut squares for a quilt I am making, and I only did that a little while but found myself having to take care of dishes and other things, keeping me from this relaxing hobby. I went to bed wishing I could have done more, but too tired to continue. So, this morning, I have enjoyed coffee, emailing, facebook, reading, blogging (right now), and --- cutting squares for the quilt!  I'm not necessarily recommending that other moms follow suit in exchanging sleep for time-to-yourself, but for me, that's a welcome thing from time to time.  As I said before, only you know what works for you.

Some may find that setting a hour a day aside for quiet for all the children and mom, to be a beneficial habit. This would be the time that each child has to take the hour to nap or play quietly on their beds looking at books or playing with a doll, etc. Preferably this is the baby's nap time as well.  This way, mom can look forward to that one-hour afternoon break each day. Also, if you find that facebook is taking up all your quiet time-to-yourself time, you may like to completely not look at it at all some days and decide to do something entirely different in it's place. You will be amazed the difference that can make in your life!

Also important for mom and dad (and the whole family ultimately) are dates with each other! Husbands and wives need to have one on one time together. See if you can arrange to have a trusted family member or friend keep the children for an hour or more, so that you and your hubby can take a walk or go out-to-eat. You need that time together.  (And if you are a single mom, you also need a break from time to time to take a walk or go out-to-eat with friends, etc.). But please don't just leave the kids with anyone! Know their babysitters! If you are wondering how your family can afford a babysitter, it may be good to exchange babysitting with a friend, so that your friend can also have some free time!

Well, it's time for me to get back to the quilt...maybe I'll show it to you on my blog someday!  :)



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