Recently, I was looking over an old blog of mine.  I came across one pertaining to motherhood that I thought some of you mothers would enjoy.  Before you read it, I want to put out a disclaimer:  I understand that there are some special exceptions to the topic I addressed in my blog that day, but I don't apologize for believing what I believe is best for the majority.  As background, this was about five years ago when I was single and running my own housecleaning business.  Today, I'm a wife and mommy at last!  

 Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yesterday, I was at work and I heard the lady on the television praise Hillary Clinton for trying to be the President.  This women said, basically, that Hillary was an inspiration to other women/girls to know that it's possible that they could be President someday.


"BOO!"  I said, directing my opinion towards TV room where my customers sat.  I continued with something like, "Little girls want to grow up to be wives and mommies!  Don't they know how feminist have ruined things for my generation?!  Has anyone said that yet?"

"No," my customer answered understanding me and sympathizing. 

So, I want to know:  Who wants to do things God's way?  Any girls out there want to be a good wife and have a good marriage?  The Bible will give us instruction as to how... plus the Truth that God put in our hearts.  It's the Truth that we long to care for our families, be an emotional support to a husband, be a mom, be a good friend.  We need to be women!  Let's not try to be men.  And the men will enjoy us much better this way, plus we won't give them an identity crisis.  Let them do their job and we will do ours.  It fits.  It's good.  It's fun.  I can hardly wait! 

But Feminists caused us to shoot ourselves in the foot.  Now many expect women to leave their children daily so that they can work, and many think that two parents have to work to pay the bills (probably because they got used to it---it's not worth that extra money (whether great or small) to abandon the children everyday, letting someone else raise them).  Besides, I'm sure that all this unnecessary pressure and guilt for leaving the children each day is unhealthy.  And does the wife have any energy or cheerfulness to give to her husband at the end of the day?  I'm sure this lifestyle isn't healthy for marriages either. 

So, no-thank-you, lady on the TV.  Little girls want to grow up to be wives and mommies, most often---not to be Presidents. 



06/05/2013 12:36pm

This is good, Shawna! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you're a wife and mommy now. :)


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