Well, I've had a bit of a challenge this week as a mommy.  Saturday before last, I don't know when are how, but insects bit me in many places on my legs.  I had long pants on that day and I did some housework, including sweeping the top landing of the basement steps where I saw short, messy, spider webs.  Needless to say, my husband and I suspect that I got into a "nest" of spiders...THE END.  

Oh, haha!  You want to hear more?  Okay...

So, these spiders or whatever insect I "found" somewhere that day, must have crawled up the cloth of my pants or something like that.  By the end of the day, itchy welts began to appear.  By Monday evening, I decided that I best go to the e.r. and find out what these bites were.  They now were looking awful!  The red welting part was inches wide in a few places, and the center was red and one of them was dripping ooze!!!  (I know, TMI... get in line with the others who accuse me of TMI, but I just gotta tell ya:  it was kinda bad!)

Well, as I waited in the e.r. with my husband and baby, the baby got hungry.  So, I nursed him under a blanket.  That was a short time because he didn't want the blanket on his head, so I had to stop since we were in public.  Little did I know that my nursing days were about to be cut short and that was to be the last of our nursing for a long while, and possibly forever.  I didn't plan to "wean" my almost 11-month-old so abruptly --- in fact, he was an advid nurser up until now, getting most of his nurishment from me!  So, why did we have to stop suddenly without the nice, slow weaning process?  Because the doctor looked at my bug bites, and indeed she had to put me on an antibiotic and also test me for lyme.  The medicine is now in the milk, and should not be given to the baby.  I was told to now pump milk and throw it out until we are past this dangerous situation.  

As I pulled out the breast pump, I was unhappy.  The sudden transition was difficult for me physically.  But it was particularly difficult for me emotionally, especially when I put alternate milk in a bottle and gave it to the baby.  He looked at me funny and wasn't completely happy with it at first, though he drank it.  How do I explain this to him?  Especially when he watches me pump and he can't have any?  I couldn't explain to him, but I could snuggle him when giving him his bottle, rather than just popping it in his mouth and leaving him to it during these first days of adjustment.

So, now, several days later, I've come to find out that it's not so bad a thing after all:  we may or may not go to nursing again, but that's okay.  He is enjoying eating baby-appropriate food, water, and goat's milk.  I'm enjoying the ease of not having to worry as much about nursing (but always pumping to maintain the option to nurse later, is not so fun).

So, if you find yourself in this similar, unpleasant situation, remember, you are not alone.  If you look at the bright side (for example, I'm thankful to have had no nursing interruptions until now), you will get through your situation as a happier mommy, and your happy smile and attitude will help your baby be happier too!  In fact, whatever came your way, could be, a "blessing in disguise".



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