Happy Mother's Day, one day early, to all my family and friends who share in this wonderful privilege and task of mothering!  

Becoming a mother has definitely changed the way I look at how I spend time.  I used to, as a single woman, have two jobs.  I was trying to make it financially and successfully, in this world.  But then, one day, I married a great guy and I just worked one job.  In a short time, I was pregnant, so when I was about 5 or 6 weeks from my due date, I left the workplace to come home and be ready for my son's birth.  

Today, for various reasons, financial pressures have become a strain on our family.  But the good news is that my husband and I know that money isn't everything.  As I weigh how to be a helpful wife including in finances, I see every hour in such a different light than when I had no child.  It seems that every week, my boy grows and changes --- I don't want to miss it!  And I know that he needs me around, not only to nurse him, but he needs me emotionally especially at this age.  I admit that I struggle with want of certain things, but when it comes down to it, I know I can't spend a bunch of time on a job or two, away from my baby!  I just cannot --- it would hurt me, like a knife in my heart!  Is the point I'm making that I could never have a job to help out?  No.  It's just that money isn't as important to me now (even though I'd still like to have it).  I'd rather be spending time with my son, and buying thrift store clothes at this time in our lives. 

Cherish every moment.  Hold your baby a little longer.  It's a privilege to be a mother! 



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