The other day, my husband came home from a meeting with someone.  The person he met up with needed marriage counselling --- something my husband is willing to do to be helpful, but finds it the toughest kind of work to do.  He came in looking very solemn and he said, "If I haven't ever told you how much I appreciate you... I don't know where I would be without you and [our son] in my life."  It led to a sweet time of us both expressing our love and appreciation for each other.  I don't want my readers to misunderstand --- like you, we aren't lovey-dovey everyday --- we have tough days too.  But this moment, along with other sweet moments was well-worth the mention and treasuring, as we reflected on God's gift to us of each other.  In fact, God gifted us with something good, in spite of ourselves!  I dare say, I don't deserve to have the wonderful man that I have, but God is good.


You may be wondering what this has to do with my blog on motherhood.  It's simple.  Love your husband.  Love him for his sake, for your sake, for God's sake (no, really) and for your children's sake.  Not only is it good for you and your hubby to choose to love each day and to forgive each other for each other's sake, but it's good for your children to have a mom and dad that love one another.  This world is so full of brokenness, let's not add to the mess.  



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