Today, I had a good start on the day, getting breakfast together, washing dishes, getting started on laundry, nursing baby, putting him down for a nap, and so forth.  It's great to have him down for a nap, allowing me time to accomplish housework, home office stuff, even a cuppa coffee and computer time, but once that nap is over, then what?  

Well, sure enough, my baby boy finished his nap with a cry instead of waking up all sweet 'n stuff.  What's a mom to do when you have a full day of stuff ahead?  Distraction!  The baby needs something distracting to do of course!  Here is what I did today:  I went into his room and changed his diaper, nursed him a little, then I put him back in his crib.  That's where it could have been a problem, but I quickly and excitedly put toys in his crib.  He was interested.  But before he could really think about me leaving him there, I was already grabbing the vacuum cleaner that was in his room.  I started it up and vacuumed his carpet, and went right out of the room with it, and continued to vacuum.  Between a clean diaper, milk in his tummy, fun toys now in the crib, and an interesting machine mom is going crazy with, hmmm... junior simply forgot to be upset!

Hope this is inspiring for my mom-friends and readers!  Check in tomorrow for another one of my distraction secrets!



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