Okay, so why is it that sometimes the most simple solutions are right there, and we just don't see it or think of it?  

I was making baked chicken this evening.  I put a little oil in the baking pan, and then began to make the flour mix (flour, salt, pepper, and old bay) on a plate.  Of course, the idea is that you dip the chicken into the mix and put it in the pan for baking.  When I make this meal, it seems that there's always flour mix left over, plus I don't enjoy trying to coat the chicken.  As I began this process this evening, all-of-a-sudden I remembered that 'ol "Shake 'n Bake" idea!  All it took was pulling out a gallon-sized disposable storage bag and pouring the flour mix into it.  Then it took putting the chicken pieces into it, one at a time, zippering it up each time, shaking it, taking the chicken out and then proceding with the next piece.  I suppose if they were smaller pieces, I could have even coated three at a time.  It was so simple, clean and less wasteful, that I just had to share this with you!  (I know, I know---you probably have been doing it that way already...)



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