I have been telling my husband that I have a really great bread recipe that calls for beer and a small about of yeast.  It's an excellent artisan bread --- absolutely delicious!  I talked about it for months and said that I will make it sometime.  We even bought beer to make it, and then the beer was around so long, we drank it before I ever got around to the bread (this happened several times).  Finally, this was the day!  It's quite a long process to make it, though it's easy.  You have to start the night before or in the morning.  So anyway, last night, I was putting the ingredients together.  My husband was already impressed and he put his arms around me and told me how wonderful I was.  Maybe he should have waited until today to decide if I was so wonderful...

The bread was a flunk!  I mean, I've made this bread many times and it was so good, but what happened?  I made two loaves today and they were both pretty bad --- the second effort being worse than the first!  That "loaf" looks and feels like a big, hard rock that could really hurt someone!  It was so funny how my bread turned out so badly, that my husband was laughing and asking me to please save it (that shouldn't be a problem, because it's so hard, I'm assuming it will be well preserved)!

That's okay.  I'll try again another day.


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