Winter is still with us making it hard to want to go outside and walk, but this mama knows she needs alittle help with the mid-section!  Even if I didn't have a baby just last year, I'm a firm believer (haha---firm? no pun intended) in getting moving.  Even when I was pregnant, I was grateful for all the steps in my house, forcing me to get the needed exercise and muscular strength without even having a workout plan.  But that's not always enough.  I, for one, cannot afford a gym membership (it's complicated to plan going there when you have a baby anyway).  What about gym equipment in the house?  Naw, not much room for that.  What about a mall?  YES!  Especially inviting a friend to join me!  Especially sipping on coffee and pushing the baby stroller as we go!  This is a great way to also help a friend get around to exercise too!  Yep... look out mall:  Here we come!!!


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