Let's face it:  we mom's need a pleasant outlet, some fresh air, and exercise!  What better distraction than to share that with the baby!  Put him in the stroller and enjoy a walk --- after all, it is Spring, almost Summer!  If it's Winter or a rainy day, that's the beauty of the local mall.  If you have other children, the walk is good for them too.

Walking is good for so very many reasons, including trimming the waistline (mama's gotta lose the "baby weight") and simply improving your health.  You just feel better after walking.  You actually might be inspired with more energy and willingness to tackle other projects after your daily walk!  Not to mention, the baby might fall asleep in the stroller, and the little kids may go down better for a nap later on.

Take a break.  Go enjoy yourself!  Your children will enjoy it too.  Point out the squirrels, the birds and their chirping, meet the neighbors as you go!  A daily walk will do everyone some good.   

It's the end of Winter and many are getting antsy for Spring!  Don't hate me, but I'm not as depressed about winter as some.  This time of year is great because Winter is almost over AND we have EVERY DAY of Spring weather still ahead.  It's like the first day of a vacation being so great because none of the vacation days were used yet and you have ALL of them to look forward to!

So count me weird if you want, but I'm going to enjoy every last bit of pretty snow that still will fall and every last fire that will still keep me cozy warm and every last cuppa something hot to drink!  Is it cold in your "neck of the woods" today?  Take heart!  It's almost over, and it's a good day to make a cuppa tea and savor the last cozy days of winter!