(Hey, friends!  Just a heads up:  this update today has some moms-only nursing content in the middle of it, though everyone may read if they are looking for the encouragement it gives to all at the end.)

If there is anything that I'm reminded of after going through the recent ordeal, is that you get through it!  Hardships come, and I am thankful that God carries me though the hardships to the other side of it!  As all those reading this blog and watching my show know, I had bugs biting me and didn't know where they were coming from.  They were very, very bad bites (at least my body in particular reacted badly to them), and I ended up being prescribed with an antibiotic which meant no nursing for about 2 weeks (as I shared in an earlier blog).  I really still wanted to get back to nursing once I was done taking the medicine and it was out of my system, but that would take a lot of time and work on my part to be sure that baby and I could continue.  I was determined.  I pressed on doing what was necessary in order to nurse the baby, which meant pumping regularly and tossing milk right down the sink the entire time I was on the antibiotics!  Today, we are back on track!  All is well again!  As far as the bugs go, they seem to be fewer too.  I also had to do necessary things in my home to eliminate pests!!!  That project will be on-going just-to-be-sure, as we all know that we must constantly deal with maintenance in this world (like weeding a garden:  it's not done once; it's maintained regularly).

But that leads me to my most important encouragement to you today:  Whatever the difficult matter at hand, you will get through it!  Of course, if it's a serious or dangerous matter that needs intervention of sorts, that must be dealt with accordingly.  But I'm referring to the boring daily tasks, or the broken leg, or the chore you are dreading, etc. etc.  I remember the times when I was young and I had to tighten my mouth device each week when the orthodontist was working to widen my upper bite.  Each time that I had to experience the discomfort all over again, it seemed a big deal to me (was life going to be any fun ever again?) but then my mouth adjusted, and before I knew it, all was well.  Eventually, I was a normal person without a mouth device once again, who could chew gum like everyone else!  Yay!  This little sinerio seems to play out again and again as we adjust to knew things in our lives (i.e., a new job, a case of chicken pox, moving, and other big changes or interuptions in our lives).

Some of the things we go through are really big, painful, and difficult, but as we get through them, we develop a sympathy and empathy for others, that we didn't have in our hearts before.  Such is the example of when I went through the experience of morning sickness.  Not only did I have a new appreciation for my mother, but I wondered how people in constant physical pain (back pain, etc), were able to make it from day to day.  Maybe I should care more about helping others as I meet such people in that kind of need!  Because of my short experience which was to end in joy, I gained a grave realization that there are many people suffering everyday, and they don't know if or when it will end, nor do they receive a prize of a baby waiting at the end.  Is there anyone helping such a person, or even simply being a friend?  Being a true friend, I believe, is of high value!  Again, experience teaches us that!

So, I'm grateful for these hardships.  I hope you are blessed today.