Let’s talk diapers.

Are you are navigating this for the first time?  You may be wondering about best brands and things like that. First, there is the question of cloth or disposable, or a little of both. Once you have that question squared away with an answer, you will be asking yourself about the best brand, best price, how to know the right size, etc.

The good news is that that is really not a hard thing to figure out.

You got this!

However, no question is a silly question: it’s just that I’m here to say you have nothing to worry about.

I guess every mom has their stories of this or that diaper brand which worked for them, and comparing notes can help. So, here’s what I have found:

Huggies leak. Okay, I do have a boy, so maybe a mom with a baby girl would rave about the value of Huggies, but I didn’t even use mine after awhile and I gave them to another mom in hopes that they would find them to work for them. But they simply didn’t work for us.

Pampers are great, but expensive. Are they the only good option? Not to worry! They are great to use, but keep reading to find less expensive brands that work very well!

Luvs are excellent, and the price is right!
I’m really amazed how much “water” these diapers can hold and no leaking is going on, and yet, they are a reasonable price! I definitely recommend these!

Other generic store brands can work well too and be a decent price, but I would compare them to Luvs or Pampers to see what you are happier with. The price may even be similar. I found that our local grocery store brand was good with one exception: They leave a little cottony stuff on the baby, and I don’t really like that. I don’t know what your local brand does, so you may just give it a trial by purchasing a small package at first.

What about stocking up ahead of time for baby? Well, don’t buy more than one pack of newborn size, and not-to-many size ones either. Before long, you will be getting into size two and three…and probably hanging out in these for awhile. Don’t open any packages of diapers until you are ready to use them, this way they will not absorb humidity in the air while being stored, plus you might be able to exchange them for another size if need be.

To know which size your baby should be in, the diaper company gives a suggestion on the box based on the baby’s weight. This is okay, but not necessarily going to work out perfectly. A  good rule of thumb that works for me is: if the diapers are starting to leak (even if they seemed like a fine fit in size), it is time to go one size up…at least that’s the best way if you have a boy. I think girls tend to wear smaller sizes longer than boys in most cases.

Enjoy your baby, all diapered up and happy!

Visit again next Wednesday to talk about cloth diapers.

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