Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family are enjoying a nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this year! Ours is healthy and we are thankful for that. We don't have much this year, as times have been tough for us, financially, so our gifts are few and the meal is simple. I also didn’t want my son to put any hooks or small parts of ornaments in his mouth, so I put up a tree with only white lights and a bow on top. I decorated the railing of the steps and laid out our three homemade stockings, etc. So, it’s that kind of Christmas for us this year. We realize that we are not alone, though: While many will have a marvelous day this year; others will have an awful day. Not everyone’s Christmas is the same. I wonder if some have never had a happy Christmas…ever.

While we are all looking for a happy feeling all throughout the season and on that special day, I want to remember everyone who is hurting this season, and let that be a reminder to me to seek to comfort all whom I come in contact with now and throughout the new year (and continually).

But now for my special post today, I’d like to turn my thoughts to Christmas, the celebration of when Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, came to the earth with a purpose to rescue sinners from a sure death! I’m so grateful, too, for all that He did and taught us before he fully completed that purpose (these stories are in the Holy Bible in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John if you are interested in reading them).

It is very fitting that a certain woman, Mary, comes to mind for me this year. She was the mother of Jesus. When she was pregnant with him, her cousin rejoiced and spoke prophetically as she said, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb." The Bible account (see the book of Luke) tells us that she became pregnant because God miraculously caused it to be so. No man impregnated her! Mary was privileged to carry God’s Son, which meant that she was the only human on the planet to be a biological parent to Jesus! As a mother, I know how great the love I have for my child, but I also know that my husband shares that great love for our child with me. But while Mary soon married a man that helped her take care of Jesus as he grew, Jesus really only biologically came from her! In the later part of the story, Jesus ends up dying a horrible death that he didn’t deserve. He was completely, completely perfect and innocent. It was an awful thing that Jesus was treated this way in the first place. But it was a beautiful thing that God’s love was demonstrated through that situation, and a problem was amended (you have to read the story if you haven’t yet…amazing!). But what strikes me as a mother, is that Mary had to stand there and watch her son go through this awful death, as a innocent man.


Yes, she was blessed to carry the Son of God, but sometimes we forget that blessings are eternal --- they don’t actually mean that everything is comfy cozy in this world. That awful day became wonderful, because Jesus rescued many and gave them LIFE !

That is something to celebrate about!

ts okay that we have only a few gifts this Christmas, because Jesus is the only gift we actually need. That comforts me.

Have a blessed Christmas!