Well, it's New Year's Day...and many find themselves making resolutions concerning the way they want to do things this year: lose weight, eat healthy, go to bed on time, be nice to everybody...I don't know...whatever.

This is a site about motherhood, and I thought that every mom should know: You don't need to strive to be a perfect mother! For one thing, you KNOW what happens to those "resolutions" (and rather quickly)! Let me encourage you that you ARE a mother and you have a natural way of loving your kid anyway! So, if you were hoping to never lose your temper, or to always have time for junior, yeah, do your best. Every morning you have the opportunity to say "It's a new day, what kind of mother do I want to be today?" But save yourself some stress: don't make a New Year's resolution. A year is a long time. Take one day at a time.

Happy New Year's Day every Mommy!

Merry Christmas! I hope you and your family are enjoying a nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this year! Ours is healthy and we are thankful for that. We don't have much this year, as times have been tough for us, financially, so our gifts are few and the meal is simple. I also didn’t want my son to put any hooks or small parts of ornaments in his mouth, so I put up a tree with only white lights and a bow on top. I decorated the railing of the steps and laid out our three homemade stockings, etc. So, it’s that kind of Christmas for us this year. We realize that we are not alone, though: While many will have a marvelous day this year; others will have an awful day. Not everyone’s Christmas is the same. I wonder if some have never had a happy Christmas…ever.

While we are all looking for a happy feeling all throughout the season and on that special day, I want to remember everyone who is hurting this season, and let that be a reminder to me to seek to comfort all whom I come in contact with now and throughout the new year (and continually).

But now for my special post today, I’d like to turn my thoughts to Christmas, the celebration of when Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, came to the earth with a purpose to rescue sinners from a sure death! I’m so grateful, too, for all that He did and taught us before he fully completed that purpose (these stories are in the Holy Bible in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John if you are interested in reading them).

It is very fitting that a certain woman, Mary, comes to mind for me this year. She was the mother of Jesus. When she was pregnant with him, her cousin rejoiced and spoke prophetically as she said, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb." The Bible account (see the book of Luke) tells us that she became pregnant because God miraculously caused it to be so. No man impregnated her! Mary was privileged to carry God’s Son, which meant that she was the only human on the planet to be a biological parent to Jesus! As a mother, I know how great the love I have for my child, but I also know that my husband shares that great love for our child with me. But while Mary soon married a man that helped her take care of Jesus as he grew, Jesus really only biologically came from her! In the later part of the story, Jesus ends up dying a horrible death that he didn’t deserve. He was completely, completely perfect and innocent. It was an awful thing that Jesus was treated this way in the first place. But it was a beautiful thing that God’s love was demonstrated through that situation, and a problem was amended (you have to read the story if you haven’t yet…amazing!). But what strikes me as a mother, is that Mary had to stand there and watch her son go through this awful death, as a innocent man.


Yes, she was blessed to carry the Son of God, but sometimes we forget that blessings are eternal --- they don’t actually mean that everything is comfy cozy in this world. That awful day became wonderful, because Jesus rescued many and gave them LIFE !

That is something to celebrate about!

ts okay that we have only a few gifts this Christmas, because Jesus is the only gift we actually need. That comforts me.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Just last month, I celebrated my birthday (and though I am not ashamed of my age, I won’t tell you how old I am, because I guess it’s no longer fashionable to tell).

So as I celebrated my [age unknown] birthday, I was graced with a visit from my mom and three of my sisters. It was really quite a treat, for many reasons. Among them is the fact that I now live very far from where I grew up, so that I no longer get to see my mom and siblings as often as I used to see them.

The night they arrived, Mom suggested we order pizza – her treat. This was really great, because my husband and I have had a tough year financially, so we simply don’t take such gift for granted! Well, when Mom and I went to order/pick up pizza, my sweet mother’s generosity revealed itself like crazy! We came home with two favorite pizzas: a supreme thick-crust meat pizza and a bacon chicken ranch pizza (my hubby's favorite), a calzone, wings, two large salads, garlic knots … am I missing anything? She figured we’d enjoy it tonight and then it would be there to eat for future meals! She was right! And it was fun.

Then the next afternoon, I had the privilege of sharing a part of Pennsylvania with her. I took her (from my place in the passenger seat) to a gift-shop-and-nursery that I like a lot and I thought she would like. I was right! And it was fun.

“Why don’t you choose something here as a birthday gift, Shawna?” Mom said. Mom already brought me gifts in a basket that she wrapped so beautifully, along with some money, and of course, just coming to hang out was a huge enough gift to me! I felt very blessed already, but I was happy to comply. I simply felt more blessed now.

As we wandered this lovely nursery/shop, we came across a live bee box that was IN THE STORE! (I think the bees have a tube that goes in and out of the building…it was totally cool!). All around the interesting display of live bees, were honey products. I chose an expensive lotion called “The Naked Bee” scented “Orange Blossom Honey”.

(Side note: Now when people smell it on me, the comments are interesting…for example, “Something smells like Pez candy.”)

We continued to look around and really enjoyed the place: Mom, me, my toddler son, and my three youngest sisters. Then Mom and I admired the unique natural peanut butter. “Get it,” Mom said, and she bought that for me too (it was honey roasted peanuts flavor). It wasn’t cheap, but it was delicious!

On our way home, we stopped at a store to get ingredients for suet (I’ll tell you more about that in another blog post).

Finally, we pulled up in my driveway, and Mom pulled out a jar of “Honey in the Rough” and gave it to me! Yep, she bought that too, at that special shop.

That night, Mom and my sisters watched our toddler, while my husband and I dressed up and went out to dinner. We had a good time.

And that is the story of a happy birthday this year! Thanks, everyone who made it special, especially my Mom. I love you!

Thanksgiving Night
Thanksgiving was fun, and the food was good, but I couldn’t possibly eat all those pie choices in one sitting!!! I managed the cheesecake and the key lime pie, but I don’t remember if I had the pumpkin. I definitely don’t remember eating that beautiful artistic-looking apple pie!

Does the celebration have to end? I summit that it does not! Not only from the perspective of being thankful to God continually, but as far as the joy of eating the good food that is still left in the refrigerator. So far, we have enjoyed turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and more. I continue to be thankful for such blessings.

And this morning? It was pumpkin pie for breakfast (with coffee and whipped cream of course)!

But continuing to celebrate Thanksgiving? What about the company you are supposed to share it with? Ah! Not a problem at all: My little toddler was more than happy to share the moment with me, as we delve into one dish of pie and cream together, sharing the same spoon. Whipped cream was all over his upper lip, which was cute. Together we enjoyed the moment!

So, peek in your refrigerator, and find an excuse to make happy moments with your kids this week. Pull out leftover desserts, and don’t stand there and complain about the calories; eat them with your kids and make the memories!!!

Eat pie for breakfast.