"So he's gurgling his milk again, and it's all over the front of his clean sweater that I just put on him today! And he KNOWS that he's not aloud to play with it that way!"

Does that sound like your thoughts at times? Or some variation of this? Be encouraged. It's perfectly normal.

Well, these are moments that can cause us as parents to get boiling mad and "loose it", but it's so not worth it. Stop, Mom. Take a breath. Love is patient.

It's sometime easier than other times to remember this. I think it gets harder to remember to be patient when I have too much on my plate, or when I am challenged by something new to my child (like potty training). I know I'm not alone though. That's why we Mom's are out here encouraging each other with blogs and videos and books to help each other to be the best we can be. Happy Mothering! Do your best. Smile. You are blessed with this little one. Try to be patient with him or her as they learn and grow and change.