Today, I want to encourage all the moms that are working on a business at home. There may be a variety of businesses and a variety of reasons, summing up all the working-a-business-from-home moms, and your stories and reasons would interest me. For me, I desire to be home with my young child while the time with him at home is short (ask your mom how long your childhood seemed to her -- time always seems to fly once you are looking back). It's important to me and my husband that we get home businesses off the ground, and since he still works a regular job, it's more-or-less on me to put in the footwork, so to speak.

Because of this, I have learned and am still learning and practicing the art of working AND keeping my child entertained in a healthy way, educated in his baby needs and now preschool needs, fed and cared for, as well as making sure that throughout the day he knows he just plain LOVED.

The absolute most practical help with this is the use of a planner and a timer. While I don't officially have a planner yet, I do know the value of writing and checking a to-do list, even including to-dos such as "read 3 books to little man" and "take a 20 minute walk with together", etc. etc. As far as the timer goes, it's all important to space out your tasks so that you are doing a certain amount of work (40 minutes? 1 hour?) on this task, then something with your kid or kids, then another task (use the timer again), then another kid activity, etc. Also, while you are doing your tasks, it's good to set your children up with their own "tasks" as well: for example, "It's time to play in your room and read books" or "It's time to sit at the table and play with play dough" or "It's nap time". This way of doing things is good for you and them. It will help them to develop well doing different activities, as well as have your interaction as you plan to do some things with them too (including lunch! Yeah, be careful not to forgot lunch in the middle of all this busy day!). It will also help them to have structure, and of course, it will give YOUR day structure as well....ahhhh. And THAT also means productivity!

So that is my little "mommy-working-from-home hints and advice" for today! I hope it helps as you venture on whatever business or businesses you have going right now. I'm cheering for you!