It's the end of Winter and many are getting antsy for Spring!  Don't hate me, but I'm not as depressed about winter as some.  This time of year is great because Winter is almost over AND we have EVERY DAY of Spring weather still ahead.  It's like the first day of a vacation being so great because none of the vacation days were used yet and you have ALL of them to look forward to!

So count me weird if you want, but I'm going to enjoy every last bit of pretty snow that still will fall and every last fire that will still keep me cozy warm and every last cuppa something hot to drink!  Is it cold in your "neck of the woods" today?  Take heart!  It's almost over, and it's a good day to make a cuppa tea and savor the last cozy days of winter!

 Hey all my fans who love to cook (and my not-so-much-cooks who are yelling "Help! Gimme some ideas!"), just wanted to share part of the meal I'm making for tonight.  Feel free to mimic!  :)

I found a pot roast at a decent price today.  It was about 2 pounds worth.  

Here's how I prepared it:  First, I fried 3 pieces of bacon slowly so that they would be crispy, then I set them aside in a paper towel.  Next, I turned up the temp of the bacon skillet to medium-high, and seared each side of the roast in the bacon grease (about 30-60 seconds on each side).  I chopped up an onion and 3 TBSP butter and put a third of it in the middle of my crockpot, placing the roast on top (and then pouring the leftover bacon grease over it).  The other two-thirds of the onion and butter went right on top of the roast.  I set my crockpot to HIGH.

 After that, I peeled and chopped a few small potatoes and a few carrots, and placed them around the roast.  Two hours from now, I'll turn the roast over.  Then, an hour later (maybe), it should be ready for cutting into chunks or slices.  After I return those slices to the crockpot to finish cooking for 30 to 60 minutes, we should have a pretty delicious pot roast!

Last time I made pot roast this way, I had a bigger roast and more time for cooking, so I did it on LOW and for longer (maybe 7 hours?).  It turned out great! 

And what about the bacon?  After it cooled, I crumbled it and stored it in the frig to use on another day for potato soup.  
Some of the bacon landed in my mouth (BAD, BAD bacon!).

When I drink enough water or don't drink enough water, it really has a profound result on me.  Today, I was feeling the effects of not drinking enough in the last 24 hours, and I thought it would be good to share that reminder with you.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to take water-drinking very seriously today, so that I will get enough in me (I'm still a nursing mom).

To all you moms out there:  keep drinking water!  I cannot stress the point enough.  Perhaps one day I'll even do a nice article on the subject, beyond what I have on my website so far.  Yep--it's that important!  If you are pregnant, you need to drink alot of water.  If you are nursing, it's the same deal: drink alot of water (and be happy)!